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Australian red cross centenary

Australian Red Cross is proudly celebrating 100 years of people helping people.

Our Centenary is a story about the extraordinary generosity and compassion of everyday Australians. It’s our chance to thank generations of Australians who have served the nation during times of war, disaster or personal crisis and through the blood service.

Today one million people generously help Red Cross make a positive, lasting difference to the lives of vulnerable people – that’s a lot to celebrate!

Share your story or join us at a local event and meet our members and volunteers – the lifeblood of Red Cross – to learn more about our everyday work at home and further afield.

We hope you’ll be inspired to become a part of a new generation of ordinary people whose everyday work supports the most vulnerable people in our communities.

Together we will shape the next chapters of this great Australian story of people helping people for the next 100 years.

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